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Blue is the color of sky and water. The blue of water - the color of depth - impersonates the female principle. Blue of the skies used to be associated with the male principle. It is the color of all heavenly gods and stands for distance, for the divine, for the spiritual (voiced particularly by W. Kandinsky). This interpretation goes back to ancient Egyptians and was taken on by later cultures. Skin of Egyptian god Amun was rendered blue.

The blue color in Mary's's mantle in "The Annunciation" by an unknown master links Heaven and Earth, proximity and distance and also the Divine and the Mundane. Archangel Gabriel brings the tidings of the conception, the Blue of Mary's mantle can be seen in this context as a symbol of purity.

Blue has remained the symbol of fidelity till our times, as fidelity can be proven only from distance, where the opportunity for unfaithfulness awaits. Blue flowers, such as forget-me-nots and violets symbolize faithfulness. According to an old english custom, the bride wears blue ribbons in her wedding gown and a blue saphire in her wedding ring. Tiny flowers of blue speedwell are part of the wedding bouquet .

Several companies have blue logos, including ARAL, Deutsche Bank, Levis, and Nivea. The Nivea cover is made with synthetic ultramarine.

Effects of the color Blue

Blue invokes dreamlike states, it instills yearnings and has a calming effect, it leads to a serious inward outlook. Yves Klein's monochrome paintings can be seen along the same lines. Blue is the color of the heart and has a positive connotation. Unpleasant things of life, such as parking tickets, train tickets or the "blue letters" ("blaue Briefe" in German) announcing dismissal from work or not passing to the next grade in school are colored blue so they are accepted more readily.

Blue and red are the favourite colors of the Germans, which (together with its positive connotation) explains the frequent use of blue color in advertising. Blue color suggests cleanliness and freshness in household products such as detergents, blue drinks are cool and light.

The Blue Flower of Romanticism

The blue flower was a popular motif of Romantic poetry. The hero of Novalis' fragmentary novel "Heinrich von Ofterdingen" (1802) dreams of a blue flower instilling momentuous yearning in his soul. Novalis' poetic symbolism of the color blue is perceived by the reader intuitively: thinking of the color blue brings about a dreamlike yearning and produces both a feeling of calmness and of security.

Brief description of Azurite

An inexpensive greenish blue. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, azurite was the most important pigment in European painting, Under ordinary conditions it is remarkably stable. It is chemically similar to the green pigment malachite.

History of Azurite

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, azurite was the most important pigment in European painting, Occasional use began in Fourth Dynasty Egypt (ca. 2575-2467 BCE), but it was uncommon until the Middle Ages when the manufacture of the ancient synthetic pigment "Egyptian blue" was forgotten. Replaced when "Prussian blue" is discovered in the 18th century.

Mineral azurite is simply ground, washed, and sieved. Coarsely ground azurite produces a dark blue, while finely ground azurite produces a lighter tone. 19th century recipe Dissolve the copper, cold, in nitric acid (aquafortis), and produce a precipitation of it by means of quicklime, employed in such doses that it will be absorbed by the acid, in order that the precipitate may be pure oxide of copper, that is, without any mixture. When the liquor has been decanted, wash the precipitate and spread it out on a piece of linen cloth to drain. If a portion of this precipitate, which is green, be placed on a grinding-stone, and if a little quicklime, in powder, be added, the green color will be immediately changed into a beautiful blue. The proportion of the lime added is from 7 to 10 parts in 100. When the whole matter acquires the consistence of paste, desiccation soon takes place.

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